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Class Enrollment
Open - 7 Class spots available.
K9 Class NameInstructorClass DatesClass Time
Outdoor Adventures (FULL)Michelle McCarthyJuly 30, 2024 - August 13, 202406:30 P.M. - 07:30 P.M. (Tuesday)
LocationCostPayment TermsClass Size
Chelsea Location$85.00Pre-Pay K9 Home Schooling7
Join us for Outdoor Adventures with your puppy or dog!   This class is open to puppies over 16 weeks of age and adult dogs.  Many puppies and dogs often struggle with over excitement, anxiety or fearfulness when going into public places, on walks or when exposed to new environments.   Early socialization and exposure to new people, places and things is key when raising and training dogs.  We'll teach you  techniques to modify common problem behaviors and help you learn to identify potential problems before they begin using reward-based training methods. 

**You Must Be A K9 Home Schooling Student (Past Or Present) To Enroll In this Class**

This class is open to puppies and adult dogs who have completed training with K9 Home Schooling or have instructor approval.   Your puppy/dog must be comfortable around other dogs, this class is not intended for puppies/dogs who are already struggling with fearful/reactive behavior.   Class will meet at an outdoor location in Chelsea.

Enrolled students will receive the location of class.   

Under the direction of our experienced instructor you will work on the following skills: 
  • walking with a group of other handlers and their dogs
  • address common behavior problems such as pulling on leash and over excitement 
  • on-leash behavior around other dogs 
  • 'polite' greetings with people
  • ongoing exposure to new environments 
We suggest you work your dog on either a no-pull harness or head halter, we do not allow choke, prong or e-collars in our classes.  Handlers must be 18 years of age to participate in this class.  

**All puppies and dogs attending class must be current,  for their age,  for core vaccines/titers and the Bordetella vaccine.    Puppies must be 16 weeks of age and have started their vaccine protocol prior to attending class. **

**To reserve your spot in class contact us via Email or Text.  One week prior to class you will be contacted to pay the class fee**


Special Instructions
Classes will be held at an outdoor location in Chelsea. For more information, please contact You must be a K9 Home Schooling Student or have Instructor approval to enroll in this class. **NO REFUNDS WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE START OF CLASS OR FOR DOGS THAT ARE REMOVED FOR BEHAVIOR OR HEALTH PROBLEMS**