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In consideration of my admission to training classes or participation in phone consultations, behavior consultations and/or private training, I release K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy and its agents from any actions, claims, or demands for any personal injury to myself or dog or property damage which may arise out of my participation in these dog training services.. The safety of the Student's dog and individuals the dog has contact with (during and after training) is the responsibility of the Student and not the Trainer.  The Student understands there are inherent risks to training dogs and entering a class environment with other dogs.  The Student assumes all risks to themselves, their children, their guests, their dog and their property. The Student understands that children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to attend Group Classes.The Student also understands that children over 12 years of age must be supervised by a Parent at all times.  The Student will indemnify and hold harmless K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy, itís agents and building tenants against any physical harm or property loss/damage during and after training is completed.


The Trainer, K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy, and its agents do not accept responsibility for lack of progress in the dogís training, as there are too many variables in the home environment beyond the Trainerís control.If a studentís dog is ill, lame or in heat, Student should attend class without their dog.Refunds are not given within 7 days of the start of class.Refunds are not given for class sessions not attended by Student and/or their dogThe Trainer, K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy, and its agents are not obligated to give private sessions, in-home training orbehavior consultations to the student for missed classes or for dogs that have behavior problems in class. If it is determined by the Trainer,K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy, and its agents that your dog is not able to attend class due to a behavior problem(excessive barking, growling, biting, fearfulness, aggression towards humans or other dogs ) or health problem, the handler may audit the remaining classes without their dog, but a refund will not be given.If the Student chooses to remove their dog from classes for any reason, the Student may audit the remaining classes without their dog, but a refund will not be issued. ††The Trainer, K9 Home Schooling, Michelle McCarthy, and its agents reserve the right to remove a student and dog from class if deemed necessary.††


Students must ask permission to video tape classes, private lessons and behavior consultations. .


No matter how well trained a dog is, they may act unpredictable in new or threatening situations.Children should never be left unsupervised with a dog.While in public, dogs must be kept on leash under the Studentís control.The dog should be current with its vaccinations, have pet identification, and licenses where applicable.The Hold Harmless Agreement shall remain in effect for the duration of this course, phone consultation, private training and after, as well as be applicable for future classes or training sessions with K9 Home Schooling.I, give permission to K9 Home Schooling and Michelle McCarthy to discuss, if necessary, my dogís behavior or health problem with my Veterinarian and/or Clinic staff.


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